RFID technology is facilitating major innovations to supply chain management (Sales and Distribution). In an article by John Lorinc, in the Globe & Mail Report on Business, he states, “Every year, according to an expert cited by the Federal Trade Commission, American merchants lose as much as $300 billion (US) in revenues because they’ve lost track of goods somewhere in the journey between factory and store shelf.” Lost revenues are not the only concern in the supply chain; improving the productivity in transporting goods and securing the source of goods are also of concern to professionals managing the supply chain. RFID technology delivers solutions for all these needs in real time.

From the Purchase order to the Sales Order, we will track your inventory, and prevent all the points at which inventory can “go missing” and improve the efficiency in the process.
  Purchase order Management
  Sales Order Management
  Sales order and Purchase order returns
  Stock transfers between warehouses
  TAG printing and allocation
  ERP integration
Tracking and Locating Made Easier with Passive tags
Zelcom solutions fully compliment EPC GEN 2 compliance. The software is designed to facilitate the tracking and tracing of movement of goods in and out of a facility and between zones.
Active Locating Solutions (ALS)
When tracking of goods is not good enough and locating goods is critical, RTLS (Real Time Locating Systems) and active RFID are becoming the industry technology of choice. Active tags can be read as far away as 820 feet or more than 250 meters. Active RFID is being used to track and locate trucks, containers and trailers on the road as well as in the yard. Critical assets, workers and visitors can be tracked and located using ALS. Inventory can be located instantly using Zelcom solutions, which eliminates the need for complex re-writes of WMS and TMS solutions as well as extensive employee training.

Our Supply chain specialized staff will guide you through all your pain points, please feel free contact us.
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