Today's retailers face a uniquely complex and challenging business environment. While the rough economic climate drives disposable income down, energy prices and other costs are increasingly volatile. At the same time, customers demand higher levels of service. Add to that the need for increased regulatory compliance and stronger data protection, high staff turnover, and the emergence of new channels and markets, and it is easy to see why retailers are feeling the crunch to improve performance and efficiency in their organizations
RFID can help you in a greater way to overcome today’s challenges with tomorrow’s technology. With one tag solution it will improve the overall efficiency, trace the merchandise, Theft protection, build loyalty and improve sales by offering great features.
The need to replenish items on the sales floor the instant they are sold will reduce inventory cost. Zelcom products are feature rich and will offer the following.
Asset tracking Applications :-
  Maintain 3 levels of inventory
  DC level            
  Back store level            
  Shelf level            
  Auto replenishment between the inventories
  Stock count using hand held readers
  Theft reports
  POS integration
  Visibility in the changing rooms
  Quick search of a product with the store
  ERP integration
Apparel retailers have achieved dramatic business performance gains with RFID, by allowing store personnel to focus on customer service rather than inventory management. It's no wonder that retailers are asking—if not demanding—that more of their suppliers RFID-tag their own supplies. When it comes to implementing an RFID solution you should do what you do best and turn to Zelcom, please contact our specialized staff will guide with all you to overcome your problems
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