For today’s manufacturer, processing lines can be immense and complex constructs and the volume of materials and goods flowing through them can also be staggering. Timing and materials’ coordination are critical functions through these processes that determine the level of profitability for your operation. This is why manufacturers today look to RFID technology to help them run more efficient operations that help minimize production down time, optimize material and parts inventories, improve and maintain optimal labour output.

Zelcom’s products are ideal for manufacturers who build several products on a single production line, or manufacture complex or customized products. Assembly line personnel could use an RFID reader to verify which processes have been completed and to determine which inspections or tests are over . Each line can be monitored and the efficiency could be calculated on line wise, QA rejects, raw material wastage is a by product of the solution.

Zelcom manufacturing will capture and monitor from the purchase order of raw materials to BOM and line management, kitting and sales order with seamless integration to the ERP and warehouse management software. The customer can monitors the Production orders , so that the customer can plan his sales or manufacturing plan according to the progress of the order.
  Real-time tracking of item and Raw material inventory, part kits and sub-assemblies.
  Maintains current item information on the tag - ideal for managing production of complex or customized products and
   the need for separate paperwork on assembly status and content
  Can automatically notify the central product database when each process has been completed
  Field personnel could use RFID tag to determine product features, date of manufacture, revision levels
When it comes to implementing an RFID solution you should do what you do best and turn to Zelcom, please contact our specialized staff will guide with all you to overcome your problems
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