The airline industry could save about £350m a year in lost baggage costs if it adopted radio frequency identification (RFID) technology across the board.

The annual SITA Baggage Report highlights areas where airlines could improve their baggage-handling systems, which currently manage the transportation of 2.25 billion pieces of checked luggage a year. Francesco Violante, SITA chief executive, said, "Once again, the past year has seen an increase in the amount of baggage mishandled worldwide. It also brings fresh hope, however, in the shape of new initiatives such as IATA's Baggage Improvement Programme.

He said, "It is important that we continue to move towards a comprehensive, fully integrated global baggage-management system that can direct, track and trace passenger baggage throughout the entire journey from check-in to final delivery at the destination. "RFID also has a role to play and could save the industry as much as £350m a year if it was fully implemented across the industry."
Key benefits Zelcom can offer to the industry
  Zelcom products handles more than Baggage,
  Passengers can be tagged and located with the airport
  Carry- on luggage can be tagged, and if the passenger is not in the vicinity it can trigger security alarms
  Cargo carts can be tracked and traced with the airport
  Food carts can be traced
  The assets can be located easily with RFID
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